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What A F***ing Weekend!!!

First, a review of Russell Peters. Went for the Saturday show, a friend managed to buy in the first 2 hours, unbelievable. Loved him from the You Tube snippets, but thought RM500 is very pricey for a stand up comedian. I mean, no dancers, no stage fireworks .. Plus the same show featuring the top tier stand ups in New York goes for less than $100. But he doesn't come around that often ...
Russell Peters

I was honestly apprehensive about his show, so i built my expectations low. I am sure he is aware that ALL have seen his clips on You Tube. There are so many ifs:
- what if he recycles much of his jokes, then not much point
- what if he had to tone his performance down to suit the Malaysian sensibilities, might be a watered down version
- what if his material is too American/Canadian for us to grasp

Almost everybody who went will laugh when you mention "somebody's gonna get a hurting real bad" or "be a man" ... Finally the review. Russell Peters was more than excellent, and I think despite the ticket prices, he was well worth it. 99% of his material were fresh. What was so great was that half his show was spent chatting hilariously with certain members of the audience. That showed that he is genuinely funny and an improvisational genius.

Mention Mr. Bupinder, Mr Chai, our friends from Zambia ... and all of us would crack up. He is that good. Not only that, he shared a lot about himself as well. He even dared to share his forays about "masturbation", which I thought was honest and made him very likeable.

He also managed to squeeze in a good bit about the reality of Bollywood films, which may not go down as well with his Western audience but was lapped up eagerly by an Asian audience. 

Many were cheesed off when they announced every 3 minutes about the need to switch off our handphones or other mobile devices and that anyone who was caught recording will be ejected. Once or twice OK la but this went on incessantly. It pissed me off initially as we all know the main reason he was a global sensation was that his clips were uploaded on You Tube. Now you diss the very channel that brought your fame and fortune?

After twenty minutes or so into his show, I kind of understood why Russell Peters had to do that. The initial clips were for exposure. If he were to allow ALL recordings, there would be NO FRESH material. That would have meant him having to invent new material at every single city he performs. We have to give a standup some slack, its not like a singing artiste, produce one or two albums and you can tour the whole world singing the same songs. If a comedian does that, he cannot last 6 months.

Russell Peters, you are amazing.


Then came last night. Most M.U. fans have already resigned to the likelihood of losing the title race. But why give us such hopes for over twenty minutes. At 80th minute I was thinking of writing a blog posting entitle " I LOVE TONY FERNANDES". What a climax, its very good for English football. The noisy neighbours deserved it, M.U. didn't. So glad that QPR stayed up. Joey Barton should go join the reality show No Holds Barred fight cage.
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Yesterday matches all around must make pundits who think most matches are fixed ... well, not all of them I guess.

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