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Whatsappening Man!!!

Those in the know will know where this post is headed by the headline ... many have voiced their concerns, but this has already gotten to critical stage.

How many times have seen entire families eating dinner at restaurants, and the kids are feverishly texting, Facebooking or playing computer games on their phones or I-Pads. Where is the quality time???

The normal defence from parents is that "its whats needed to keep them occupied (not noisy)" ... Fuck me blue, what did we have when we were growing up??? Did we bring our tops and marbles on the tables and play with them??? Something happened along the way that fucked us up royally. Technology is wonderful, but we must not let technology ruin the essence of communication and connection between one another. Parents, don't take the easy way out ... have you tried confiscating/restricting mobile phones / ipads and comp usage??? They must learn that at certain times, you have to TALK FACE TO FACE, eventually. What kind of social skills are we teaching our next generation????

Dude, that means, your kids won't have to visit you when you are old.... they can just send a MSM Hologram to you and speak to you ... "Hey, dad, its the same thing ..."

Technology no matter how wonderful, supposedly to keep us in touch more but separates us even more. I have a friend who had her birthday recently, she had over 300 FB friends, and on her birthday got over 100 birthday wishes in FB, many very intimate and funny, witty and well-intentioned. I asked her how many presents she got ..... NONE. Case closed.

Stop poking me, want to see me, give me a call. No relationship has ever gotten so much stronger because of Whatsapp. Whatsapp is very good cause its free, but we must use them smartly. If you and I are  spending more than 5 minutes on Whatsapp, then we should seriously meet up.
There are people who must learn to use Whatsapp properly, when you are having dinner and lunch with friends or family, STOP texting, not only is it rude to the present company, its disconcerting. I have seen the entire table of 5 texting ... I mean why bother having dinner together. 

When we have dinners or lunches, we are telling others we want to spend some quality time ... or are we telling our friends or parents that its OK, you can feel free to interrupt/disturb my time with my friends or parents anytime.  NOTHING IS EVER SO FUCKING IMPORTANT THAT THEY HAVE TO BE ANSWERED WITHIN THE NEXT 5 SECONDS ... I know cause some years ago, we did not even have mobile phones and WE WERE ALL ALRIGHT!!! WE DID NOT MISS ANY FUNERALS, THE SECOND COMING OF JESUS ...

Use the technology well, do not let it enslave us.
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