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Cynicism vs Wonderment vs Cool vs Detached

I always tell people they need to go and travel every now and then. When you pluck yourself away from your 'box', you see a lot of things differently. Life is not how long you live but how well you live. Soon we will all be dead, if we are lucky, some will suffer prolonged effects of ageing or sickness, and you wonder why.

I used to be a lot more cynical about things, it usually takes a lot more from me to get excited or enthused over things and even people. You think you have seen it all. Everything is just shades of grey (no pun intended).

When you live well, you are opening up yourself to "wonderment" and being zestful. Some may think its the antithesis of being cool. People who meet me for the first few times will think I am cool, cool to the extent of not being warm and hard to please. Thats just the exterior, trouble is I am usually thinking not trying to look cool or reserved. 

Being detached robs us of the the joys in living well. Friends show you photos of their kids, you shrug your shoulders, everybody's got their own kids, everybody's kids are cute and wonderful (to them). Insanely, if you open up more and be more empathetic, you will embrace life and the joy in discovering and sharing. 

Life is not meant to be easy. Its the same for everyone else. The grass is always greener. Do not worry if you are a half empty glass person or a half full glass person, just drink the bloody water and enjoy quenching your thirst.

Being cynical is OK when it comes to business matters, it pays to ask pertinent questions, its a skill we learn to protect ourselves. Use it more sparingly when it comes to people. If they turn out to be "bad apples", discard them, but embrace first.

If you think there are no more great things in life to get you excited over, if you think you have seen it all, you might as well go live in a cave, you are just existing. Talk to kids and be enthralled. Take in sights and be aware of their magnificence. Look into the eyes of your loved ones and be glad they stuck around with you. Have great conversations, give something of yourself. Immerse not detach. Live well, live strong.

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